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How Training Automation Helps

Organize your Business

Messy sticky notes, employee binders, paperwork, cluttered desks, on-shelf office manuals, multiple systems to log into, lack of documentation, lack of implementation, lack of accountability … Sound familiar? Growing a business is hard enough so we created an all in one digital platform for all your stuff. Say good-bye to the chaos and hello to efficiency and more profits.

Automate your Training

A highly trained team (internal marketing) is statistically proven to produce a larger return on investment than all other marketing forms (online, digital, print, etc.) combined. Our NPG University™ platform comes with over 300 hours of on-demand video courses and testing from our esteemed VIP Coaches covering every aspect of the practice environment and beyond. It also allows you to create and upload video training courses, training documents, scripting, etc. specific to your own way of doing things. This combination of you and us makes the perfect plug and play system to train employees, retrain employees and automate your new employee onboarding process.

Communicate & Progress Tracking

Effective implementation is what sets the most successful apart from their competition. NPG U™ encompasses unique online tools that give leadership teams and their employees unique insights to employee data as it pertains to any given protocol throughout your entire business and practice. Our digital task manager and employee checklists tools allow for improved implementation and time management through better oversight and accountability.

Unique Tools for Employee Training Automation


NPG U™ Training Curriculum

Receive over 300 hours of pre-embedded video training content with interactive employee testing.


Digital Office Manual

Document systems and protocols via video, pdf, audio files and more with fully digital and interactive office and employee manual.


Employee Training Curriculum

Create your own fully customized video based employee training curriculum with interactive testing.


Digital Employee Checklist

Create your own fully customized digital employee checklist system that automatically reassigns daily responsibilities.


Digital Task Manager

Increase efficiency by creating your own fully customized digital task scoreboard to assign tasks, projects and responsibilities.


Progress Tracking

Fully customizable data tracking center that provides invaluable insight to employee performance by identifying weaknesses and building upon strengths.


Communication Center

Centralize, organize and customize employee and leadership team communication through chat threads and individual messaging.


Human Resources Suite

Receive unique online tools for better employee performance and automate your documentation as every employee keystroke is documented automatically.


NPG MasterMind™

New Patient Group business coaching clients receive exclusive access to this section that includes exclusive video based training content for business owners.

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