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Employee Progress Tracking & Analytics

Receive insight to employee performance analytics just like the most successful sports organizations have with their athletes.
Engaged employees are great employees. The advanced metrics this platform provides is proven to engage employees by providing them instant feedback into their performance. This creates employees that take ownership of their daily performance, that want to learn, that want to improve their skill-sets and ultimately become the rock-star that leadership teams dream of.

Our Tools for Progress Tracking

Access invaluable employee data via any internet device.

Interactive Employee Testing

Customize your own video based training courses with test questions and/or utilize our pre-embedded video based training modules with interactive employee testing. Individual employee logins allow each employee to receive instant feedback of their progress as it pertains to every aspect of your practice and our training programs. This also provides leadership team members with complete oversight of employee performance as it relates to every aspect of both their business and their practice.

Performance Monitoring Analytics

Innovative technology that provides leadership team members and employees unique insights to their daily performance as it relates to their job description and beyond. Receive insight into a world of data that provides visibility to individual employee and business weaknesses, while helping build upon strengths. Learn invaluable data that helps plug leaky holes resulting in better employee and leadership team performance, more case starts, revenue and more.

Human Resources Suite

Each employee receives their own unique login to an all digital world that encompasses your entire business in one place. Every employee keystroke is automatically tracked and documented acting as your own personal human resources assistant. Video course progress, test grades received by each individual employee, protocols read in the digital office manual, tasks/checklists completed/not completed and more are all documented and can be easily viewed by the leadership team using these unique tools.

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